Three Little Kittens featured in an article on Best Friends Animal Society

On January 11 2011, Best Friends Animal Society featured an article written by Three Little Kittens‘ Dee Dee Williams titled,  A Soft Spot for Kittens: Three Little Kittens provides much more than mittens when caring for their young charges.

Hi! My name is Dee Williams and I operate Three Little Kittens, a nonprofit neo-natal kitten rescue located “by the shore” in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I rescued my first neo-natal kittens thirty years ago and after 23 years of part-time rescue, I created Three Little Kittens (or as we like to call it, TLK), now seven years in full time operation.

What is a neo-natal kitten? Well technically, it is a newborn kitten, but I consider them to be young kittens still bottle feeding, or up to about four weeks of age.

The reason that an otherwise sane person would choose to do this comes from the difficulty this age category represents for all shelters. Aside from the extensive care that new-born kittens require, they are especially susceptible to the many diseases that older cats have developed immunity to, diseases that are present in any shelter, no matter how clean. This creates a need for a specialized shelter.

Read the full article here.


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