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TLK Adoption Screening

TLK screens potential adopters carefully in an attempt to assure successful kitten-people matches. If we believe that a TLK kitten is not a good fit for a particular household, we will tell you that and suggest alternatives. For example, we find that very small children and very young kittens are not a good match. Toddlers do not understand the fragility of a young kitten. An older cat would be a better match for their households. We also have a preference for keeping kitten siblings together and for placing TLK kittens in homes where they will have at least one other cat for company. Our experience has shown that cats are healthier when they live with another cat. And, in the case of kitten littermates raised together in the absence of the mother cat, there are observable strong bonds between siblings which we would rather not break. TLK will look at each situation individually and talk to you about our foster kittens and your alternatives.

» If you are interested in adopting a kitten from Three Little Kittens, please provide the information requested by completing our Kitten Adoption form. We will review it and contact you to discuss it further within two business days. Be sure to click the “Submit” button when you are finished completing the form in order to send it to us.

Thank you. We welcome your help!

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