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about-us-kittenThree Little Kittens is a not-for-profit organization located in Asbury Park, NJ that invites veterinary hospitals, the SPCA and the public to bring under-aged kittens to us for foster care and adoption.

Our Mission is to rescue and foster care neonatal kitten 3 weeks of age or less, then adopt out the kitten to a suitable home, to be a resource for help in the rescue and care of kittens, and to enhance public understanding of feral cat populations and the safe control and care of those populations.

Three Little Kittens’ nursery operations focus on kittens that are still too young for adoption and the success of our approach relies on our ability to immediately handle them. We focus on the neonatal group (under 3 weeks of age) in response to an industry need for attention to this high-risk group. They are at an age that requires more “round the clock” care. Given that the majority of births occur in the spring, Three Little Kittens rescues mainly in April and May. Actual adoptions are possible year-round.


The founder and Director of Three Little Kittens, Dee Dee Williams, is a lifelong lover of animals with significant experience in health care, who has been providing care for feral cats and kittens in her Monmouth County neighborhood for over 15 years.  During these years, she worked to motivate group action among her neighbors for a feral cat capture, spay/neuter and return program and she also provided foster care for underage kitten litters until they were healthy and old enough to offer for adoption.

Dee is also a writer of children’s fiction.  Like all good story tellers, she draws heavily upon her life experiences when she writes.  Her story “The Littlest Kitten in the Box” chronicles the tale of a runt of the litter in the feral cat colony for which Dee provides care.  See the Children’s Story page of this website for this delightful and educational story.

With Three Little Kittens, Dee has taken her enthusiasm for this work to a new level – and is now offering formal kitten rescue, foster care and adoption services to the public.  She has also established a network of animal care providers in her area that can provide the public with a fully integrated set of related services.

Dee’s enthusiasm for the work of Three Little Kittens is contagious.  While she is spending most of her time in the kitten nursery, other volunteer members of Three Little Kittens that she has recruited are busy providing help in the nursery, rescuing at-risk kittens, helping to construct and decorate nursery facilities, managing this website, assisting in public relations and marketing, providing accounting services, writing for the newsletter and web site, and donating supplies and funding for kitten care.  Why?  Well, because it’s the right thing to do!  And, also because Dee Dee asked us to help.

We hope you find this website educational and, even more, hope that it inspires you to join Three Little Kittens in its mission!  We need your help!  For more information about our needs, please see the How You Can Helppage on this website.

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